Learning with the Spirit



...With the Spirit.

In today’s world, it’s nice to know that Christ-centered education is available and accessible. Faith formation is the cornerstone and heart of everything we do at Holy Spirit School. This is showcased in our School Theme, proudly worn on tee shirts by all staff and students each month, and lived out in the classrooms, hallways, and hearts of our student body each day: ...With the Spirit.


Living with the Spirit...

Faith formation is at the core of all of the programs and opportunities at Holy Spirit School. Our pastor, Fr. John, spends time each week teaching in our Y5’s-8th Grade Classrooms. And all academic offerings are taught in relation to gospel values:


·      Proclaim God’s Word

·      Celebrate God’s Presence

·      Service to the Community                      Altar Server Training Form/Registration

Each month, our school theme is highlighted and developed with a variety of activities and lessons in each classroom, as a school community, as well as through our weekly All-School Masses. In addition, many of our current Holy Spirit School Students and Alumni are actively involved in our Parish Community as Altar Servers, Children’s/Adult Choir Members, Eucharistic Ministers, Musicians, Lectors/Commentators, Haiti Twinning Committee, as well as holding leadership roles within our school and parish community.


Praying with the Spirit...

Daily prayer is an integral part of our spiritual life. Original and traditional prayers and songs are used as a variety of prayer forms. Each Friday, our entire student body joins together in the school hallway where everyone joins minds, hearts, and hands in prayer as a school family.


Weekly masses are celebrated by grades 1 through 8. Students take an active part in each liturgical season, especially Advent and Lent, by participating in prayer services as a total faith community. 


Second graders have an exciting year as they prepare for and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Students in eighth grade prepare for, and receive, the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Through support programs such as Project Charlie, and regular class/grade meetings, our children are supported in their efforts and skill building as they develop positive peer relationships within our school family and the greater community.



Loving with the Spirit...

Outreach programs reinforce our commitment to live the Gospel message in our everyday lives and love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Each year students participate in outreach programs to benefit members within our local and global community. Examples of Holy Spirit Students giving back to our community and beyond include:


  • Visiting residents at Covenant Village
  • Cleaning and doing yard work at Gilda’s Club
  • Partnering with organizations in the Heartside Neighborhood of Grand Rapids
  • Maintaining Holy Spirit’s natural habitat area
  • Collecting donations for Kids’ Food Basket
  • Collecting donations for water filtration systems for families in Haiti

Putting our Catholic faith into practice is an integral part of our daily program and is another way our students are Empowered with the Spirit! and prepared for life.


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