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At Holy Spirit School, we take pride in our strong reputation within our community of our ability to assist our students to grow and thrive in their faith formation and academic growth.   

  • 85% of last year’s Holy Spirit School 8th graders taking the Catholic Secondary Schools’ Placement Test were placed into advanced math classes at West Catholic High School.
  • Over the last 12 years, on an average, 40% of West Catholic High School’s Top 10 Seniors have been Holy Spirit School Alumni. 

Holy Spirit School fosters an environment that is committed to surpassing this goal through innovative and tailored programs along with a nurturing atmosphere that meets each child in their comfort zone and helps them move forward to achieve their fullest potential.

Students today are dubbed as 21st century learners, and it is our job as educators to begin to prepare them with collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills. Through our recent acquisition of iPads, our Preschool through Grade 8 Teachers are learning and implementing new teach-nology instructional strategies, and are exploring the world of educational applications (apps) available for PreK-Grade 8 instruction.





  • Christian education and formation
  • Christian and Family Living
  • Project Charlie
  • Positive Peer Relationship Development
  • Daily application of our faith
  • Sacramental Preparation - grades 2 and 8
  • All catechists have achieved Diocesan Catechist Certification



  • Young 5's through 5th grade use “Everyday Mathematics”
  • Grades 1-5:  Accelerated curriculum available (as deemed appropriate)
  • Grade 6 through 8: Students are intentionally placed in math courses that allow us to differentiate instruction and to teach each child at an appropriate pace and level
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills are stressed
  • Calculator enhanced instruction
  • State-certified instructors


Language Arts:

  • Literature based instruction
  • Phonics instruction (Young 5's - grade 3)
  • Emphasis on comprehending informational text as well as literary text
  • Creative Writing
  • Daily Oral Language Program
  • Literature program (grades 7 - 8)
  • Spelling
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Penmanship
  • State-certified instructors


Social Studies:

  • Community
  • Michigan
  • United States
  • World
  • American History
  • Special Projects:  State and Economic Fairs
  • State-certified instructors



  • Hands-on instruction
  • Full Science lab
  • State-certified instructors


Computer Science:

  • Young 5's through grade 8
  • State-certified instructors
  • Fully equipped, first rate, computer lab and Media Center
  • Internet access capability
  • Weekly instruction and application
  • Extensive software for all levels
  • State-certified instructor



  • Weekly instruction (Preschool-grade 8)
  • Certified instructor
  • Study of language, culture, customs and geography
  • State-certified instructor


Physical Education:

  • Weekly instruction
  • 1st rate facilities
  • Extensive, well-maintained playing fields and grounds for physical activities
  • State-certified instructor



  • Weekly instruction
  • Skill development
  • Art appreciation
  • State-certified instructor



  • Weekly vocal instruction
  • Skill development with vocals, theory, and appreciation
  • Band (grades 5-8)
  • State-certified instructor